Sunday, February 9, 2014

Twenty-eight Days of Art

Another day of house hunting, so did not leave much time for creating.  What I decided to do for Day 9, was to create a "Junk Journal".   Here are some of the supplies I gathered up, that I have been collecting, to use in the Journal.
I used a FedEx envelope to create the covers.  I went through each item to decided what I wanted in the Journal and in what order I wanted to put them in, before I bound the book.
Here is the Journal all together and before it has been bound.

Front of Journal cover.

Here are some of the pages that made it into the journal. 
On the left side is a barf bag a friend brought back from one of her flights.  On the right is a window envelope.  Behind it is a card I picked up from somewhere.

On the left side of this section is a Tyvek envelope and the back side of a card.  On the right is a Kaleidoscope I cut down and behind it, a paper bag.

This one has a manila file folder on the left and another window envelope on the right.

Newspaper clipping and another card I pick up somewhere.

An old calendar page, a birthday card on the right with another paper bag behind.

Another Tyvek envelop and more cards.

Back side of Journal cover.

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