Friday, February 14, 2014

Twenty-eight Days of Art

Since today it is Valentine's Day, I decided to do SoulCollage.  What is SoulCollage, you say? SoulCollage was originated by Senna Frost.  It is a process for accessing your intuition and creating an incredible deck of cards with deep personal meaning that will help yo with life's questions and transitions.

I also, think it is a natural way to create beautiful pieces of art while going through the process. You'd be amaze at the outcome.  You start with a 5" X 8" piece of matt board or any study piece of cardboard and images torn out of  magazines that happen to speak to you.  

You go through the images and see what images appeal to you and start to collage as I have done here.  
On this one, I've already added the flapper background scene and water.

As you cut out your images, you'll find that you like one and maybe not another as with this one. 
If you notice, I removed the arches and added the bird flying across the moon.  I liked the way this one looked better.

These next three, I was trying to decide what and if I wanted to add an image on the side of the water.  The one on the left is is a stressed out person, then I changed it to a rock and finally decided on the ballerina.

 I saw this little bunny and added him to the bottom of the collage.

Here is the final version, trimed and without the bunny head.  After looking at it, it freaked me out, so I removed it.   I will put it in a plastic sleeve and read the card.  You can find out more about reading the cards at SoulCollage.

Here is a close-up.

Here are a few other cards I have done  in the past and had a lot of enjoyment doing so.

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