Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Twenty-eight Days of Art

My post for today, Day 11, is a "Collage".  

I am having lots of fun coming up with new ideas each day and experimenting and trying new things that I do not usually do as part of my artwork.  The scraps of paper I am using to make the collage are leftovers from the Junk Journal I made on day 9 of my Twenty-eight Days of Art.  

Here are my scraps.  I use Strathmore Bristol Vellum Smooth paper to collage. Lots of different shapes and colors and textures to choose.

I used matt medium to adhere each strip onto the Bristol Paper, under and on top.  Here it is all done ready to be trimmed.
After it dried, I trimmed the pieces hanging off the edge and added a coat of gesso.  It's now ready to pain, journal or to do whatever.  I can even collage over this one again if I want.

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