Friday, February 21, 2014

Twenty-eight Days of Art

Printmaking is the art of the for Day 21 of Twenty-eight Days of Art.

I am taking a "Printmaking for Fun" class this spring and today was the first day of class.
I did three prints, but they did not turn out what I envision for my prints.

Print #1
I randomly put down color first, then laid down the bird stencil on the right and went over it with white paint and added a feather.  I think my paper was too wet.

Print #2
I randomly put down color on this one too, but I was trying to make hills and valleys and sky.  I also laid down a fence stencil I had, but it did not come out as clearly as I was hoping.

Print #3
With the color left on the plate, I went over it with white and laid down a couple of stencils and printed on black paper.  I was hoping the color would come through more.

I guess I was just not in the mood to do printmaking today ;-(

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