Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twenty-eight Days of Art

"Day 26"
Mini Book

On February 21st, my art of the day was printmaking. I was not too crazy about my prints nor was I sure what I was going to do with them.  I had some printmaking paper left over from last year, and at the time did not know what to do with it either because the piece was too small to use for anything.
But today, I took last year's left over printmaking paper to use with this year's print and Viola!  
A Mimi Book.  

Here is what I did to get started.  First the supplies:  the print, printmaking paper and a left over Eggo Box.  As you can see here, I accordion fold the printmaking paper.

I cut up the Eggo box the same size as the printmaking paper to use for the front and back covers.  Now I have two cardboard pieces for my book covers.

I cut the print the same size as the book covers to decorate the front and back covers as shown here.  The front of the book cover is on the left and the back of the book cover is on the right.  After cutting everything out, I has enough for two bookmarks and two ATCs.

Once the covers had dried, I then glue them to the printmaking paper, front and back, as you can see here.

All done!  
Now I can use by Mini Book for whatever inspires me.
It was fast, it was quick, it was easy, it was recycled.
Taking two items that may have been tossed out, became a work of art. 

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