Saturday, February 22, 2014

Twenty-eight Days of Art

"Zentangle Day 22"

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher, but still took a refresher course.  It's good to keep up with what is new out there, or just brushing up on things we tend forget sometimes.  It's always fun spending a day Tangling.

Tile #1 - Squid
A variation of Squid.  Those of us who already new how to do some of the Tangles learned today, were suppose to come up with a variation on what we already knew.  Here's mine.

Tile #2 - Verdigogh

Here is my version of Verdigogh on a Tan Tile using a brown Sakura Micron Pen.

Tile #3 - Finery
My version of Finery used in a leaf shape on a Gray Tile.  Added some berry branches and highlighted the leaves with a gold pen.

Tile #4 - Ynix
Ynix on a Tan Tile using a blue Sakura Micron Pen.  Some highlights in white.

Tile #5 - Mooka
My version of Mooka.

Tile 6 - Mooka Variation
Forming a Mooka into a flower.  Brown Sakura Micron Pen on a white tile.

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