Monday, February 23, 2015



Spent the day at the ARTbar last Saturday, February 21st.  Who knew you could make a compass from a snowflake.  Did you?  Remember when you were a kid and during Christmas time you made paper snowflakes either in school or at home.  Well, that is exactly what we did. We made paper snowflakes and created a compass from them.

Here is my creation or interpretation of a compass from my snowflake.  

First I cut out my snowflake.  Then I used a Sakura 05 pen to trace around.  I used Tombow pens to outline the compass with some color and then with a blender pen moved the color from the outside towards the center.  I drew two lines of circles around my compass and added gold foiling.  I drew a checker board in the center, added my directions (N, S, E, W) and foiled them as well.  I found an old map on the Internet and printed it on tracing paper.  I placed the map on top of my compass to determine where I wanted it, traced the compass and cut that part out, so the map was around my compass.  I glued the map down around the compass, making it look as though I placed the compass on top.  I had to do it this way, because I had already started on my compass and did not want to start over.  

Even if I do say so myself, I think it looks pretty good for my first time.

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  1. It turned out great. making snowflakes has never been something I could do very well.