Sunday, October 26, 2014

Zentangle Pumpkin

Another day at the Art Bar yesterday.  In keeping with the theme of Halloween this Friday, we drew and tangled a Halloween Pumpkin.  Tangles used were Vache 1, Diva, Web, Candy Corn, and Barbz.

Zentangle Halloween Pumpkin
We also share some variations on tangle patterns that could be used for Halloween patterns, like Tripoli for the Candy Corn.  In the pumpkin, Nzepple was used to make the candy corn. Diva for the tree in my pumpkin on the left.  For added effect, Hollibaugh for the bones.  Just curve the ends and you've got bones.

What tangle patterns can you vary to come up with for Halloween patterns?

Monday, October 20, 2014

"Hello" Card

I'm not a card maker by any means, so when I do make one, it's a challange for me and an accomplishment in itself.  

This is what I have been working on.  I still want to add a bow on the right side (lime green), and then I think it's pretty much finished.  For the picture on the front of the card, I doodled an image, creating flowers, leaves and dandilion seads.

As for the envelope, I tore out a page from Somerset Sutdio Magazine.  The page fit perfectly and I was able to manipulate the folds, so the picture landed in the front.

All I need to do now, is put an address lable and stamp, and it's ready to be mailed.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Zentangle Class

Yesterday, October 18, 2014 I gave a class on Basic Zentangle at Monica's Quilt and Bead Creations.  I had quite a few eager students and we had lots of fun creating lots of different Zentangle patters.

Here are some of the tiles my students created:


They did a great job.  I am sorry to say, though, I don't remember which student did what tile ;-(, but I have to say they were a great group of ladies!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Creative Living with Sheryl Borden

Last Thursday, October 9, 2014, I was in Portales, NM.  Why?  To be on the show Creative Living with Sheryl Borden..  I was invited to three segments on Zentangle.  A little nerve wracking at first, but Ms. Borden has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease.  Below is a picture of one of the segments.

You can see there were lots of things to share about Zentangles and what to do with them once you learn the basics, such as ZIAs (Zentangle Inspired Art).

Creative Living with Sheryl Borden network is a PBS station and is aired on KENW-TV.  We get it on KVCR, channel 28.