Thursday, March 13, 2014

Zendala of the Day

I've home with a cold the last few days and because of it, have become increasingly bored.  I decided while I was resting that I would relax with a Zendala (Zen Mandala).  I had no idea how I would start, or what I would create.  Here is the end product of my Zendala.

If you will look closely, you will see colors and images in the drawing.  This is because, it's a monoprint that I did and ended up not liking.  So, I cut it up the monoprint to use as the background for my Zendala.  You can see the full print I did on my February 21, 2014 post.

Saturday, March 1, 2014


Zentangle Inspired Art

Playing with color.  What do you see?
Dab of watercolor with some Twinkling H20s.

In progress.
This is a monoprint that was previously done by Sharla Hicks.  I took the print and started tangling on it taking the images I saw, as my inspiration.

Free-form Zendala.


Playing with the Nzepple pattern.