Thursday, January 29, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Art Journals & more...

Week FIVE - WOW!

Here we are, already at week five. 

This week, I made a Sketch Journal our of a paper bag and Strathmore Sketch Paper.  I found the idea to make the Sketch Journal online.  It's called, "How To Make a Notebook In 5-minutes".  I must say, however, that it took me more like 30-40 minutes to make mine.

So, to make the Journal, you need a paper bag, and some sketch paper.

Cut the bag and papers down to any size you want your journal to be and fold the pages and paper bag cover in half.

I am going to punch holes for the binding and want to make sure that they line up when I do the stitching, so I marked "TOP" on both the cover and papers.  The is optional, but does help.

I punch five holes to stitch.  1-inch from the top and bottom, in the center and then again between the top and middle holes.  Same for the bottom.

The stitching is a basic in and out stitch, which is called a pamphlet stitch.

And that's it.  Your done!  Easy Peasy.  You can add a title to your Sketch Book/Sketch Journal, or not.  It's up to you.  Note: you can make your journal whatever size you want and add as many pages you would like to have in your journal.  My journal measures 6"X8" and has 10 pages (20 when folded).


  1. 5 minutes seems a bit optimistic :) but it turned out cute and looks pretty simple to do.