Monday, April 17, 2017

ATC Swap


For this month's ATC Swap, we had to have a fold in it.  We were also given all of the supplies to make our ATC, but we could add other elements to our ATCs.

The green paper was one, which I used for the ATC.  We were also given the green mesh, and butterfly paper, which I chose to cut out individual butterflies and attach them to the green mesh.  The Baker's Twine was one of the other elements that were given to us that I used as antenna's for the butterflies.

The fold was the little ATC size booklet I made and glued unto the card.  You open the book and unfold the paper inside.

The book  was made the same way as the one I made with Charlotte Carpentier at CharKat Creative Insanity.  Of course the book itself is a fold.

Next month's ATC?  
Art Deco.

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