Thursday, March 5, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Journals and more...

Here we are already at WEEK 10.

March is my Birthday month, and the name Deborah (my first name) means "BEE".
So, for this month's post, in honor of my name, I created "MY HONEYBEE BOOK".

The supplies for the book were few.  Cardstock with a printed honeycomb pattern.  A paper bag, gold cardstock 8-1/2" X 11", and of course some paper for the inside.

Using the honeycomb printed cardstock as my template, I cut out some honeycombs shapes on the bag, as you see here.  When I cut out all the honeycombs that I wanted, I glued the paper bag onto the cardstock.

I cut some paper to fit my book and stapled the pages to the book.  I decided stapling would be my choice this time around for my binding method.

I used cream colored paper to kind of, sort of, match the theme of my book.

  I used a gold metallic pen to go around the cutout honeycomb shapes and drew in more.  I cut out a bee and glued it to my book, thus creating the "BEE" part of the Honey BEE title.


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