Sunday, July 24, 2016

Artisan Series Journal

Secret Garden/The Way Home

Here is my Artisan Series Journal inspired by JenofEveDesigns.
I bought her Bundle 3 "Printable" Vintage Mini Albums here, and combined the "Secret Garden" and The Way Home Printables to make this Journal.

Front Cover

This is the inside front cover and first page.  The printables came from some painting she had done.

Journaling page to the left and one of the coin envelopes included in the collection.

The coin envelope has a small keepsake envelope inside of it and on the right are journaling cards, which i put inside the pocket page included in the printable.

On the left side is the back side of the coin envelope and on the right side is the pocket page.  I matched the two, so the road looked liked it continued on.  I think I did a pretty good job of matching the two.

Back side of the pocket page and on the right, the inside left cover.

Back Cover
I enjoyed making this journal.  Watching JenofEve's videos made it easy to put the journal together.  To sew the journal together, I used a coptic stitch binding.  


  1. Sweetie you are so talented - you always do a great job - congrats on another wonderful journal

  2. Great journal! Can you tell me the link you used? I watch Jen all the time, but I've never seen her show these prints & I would love to watch it.
    Thank you, Linda :)

  3. Sorry, I just went back to the top of your page & found where to go. Thank you.