Sunday, November 16, 2014


Designing  this card was not only fun, but easy.  I used the Zentangle Pattern, "Nzepple" to get it started.  I wanted to do something with this, but was not quite sure what to do.  We create our Zentangle tiles and sometimes wonder, "Now what?"  

I have a friend who does party themes and creates digital images which she sells on her Etsy Shop.  I sent this over to her to have her do something with this:

And this is what she came up with:

She not only made a card for me, but a seal for the envelope too.  See the comparison?

 But wait!  There's more!  
She also made me some party favors to go with my invitations.

Cupcake Toppers

Bottle Wraps

I just love how she kept the Party theme a Zentangle theme, using black and white.  Did you notice how she changed the designs, every so slightly, by adding dots to some and not to others?

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