Friday, November 21, 2014

Christmas Gifts

For the first time, I made soap and bath salts.  

These are Christmas gifts I made for my sewing group "Kneedlers".  

The group meets once a month to quilt ... by hand.  I guess you could say it is an old fashion Sewing Bee. Some of the ladies have finished two quilts already.  I am still working on mine. 

At the end of the year we have a potluck.  We all bring homemade goodies to share, plus our Christmas Gifts. The gifts do not have to be expensive or homemade.  It's just a way of sharing with each other and saying how much we appreciate one another.  

I decided on homemade Lavender soap and homemade Bath Salts.

Lavender Soap

Lavender Bath Salts

I had so much fun making these, that I'd like to try different fragrances and different types of soaps.  The soaps were made with an Aloe Vera Soap base.  

To finish off, I wrapped the gifts in paper bags and decorated them with a lace doily.  I added a Lavender Flower Pot cut-out with Lavender seed packets tuck inside.  I attached everything to the bags with a Lavender ribbon.

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