Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fall Leaft

Having fun with fall leaves yesterday at the ARTbar.  We took some leaves and traced around them on watercolor paper.  We then water colored within the line with Twinkling H20s and used the different colors as our strings.  Now comes the fun part.  What to tangle?  

Using the color as our strings was so much fun.  Picking and choosing what tangles to use within each color inspired the creativity inside.  I love how my fall leaf looks.  I love the uniqueness of it too.  I can do this 100 times and each time it will be different.

Since my leaf was done on a folded piece of watercolor paper, I think I might turn this into a cover for a journal and journal all my Autumn thoughts.  Although here in California it is still in the 80s, I can image, can't I?

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