Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Beads, Beads, Beads

Yesterday I took a paper bead class with Dee Rick. 

It was the last class in a series of three.  I learned to make beads starting from basis beginner to advance and then some.  

I have made beads in the past, but they were always your simple basic beads that we have seen a million times.  In these three classes, I learned a variety of different beads, from small to LARGE.  I learned to make tear drops, barrel, tube and double rolled beads.

I learn that your everyday paper is not the only thing you can use to mak beads, you can also use napkins, calendars, magazines, mailers and on and on and on.

Dee has a creative talent for making and designing paper beads.  If at all possible you should take a class from her.  She has so much to share.  She has some tutorials on her Facebook page, and you can buy beautiful paper she designs from her Etsy Shop.  She also has lots of pre-made beads to choose from too.

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