Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dos-A-Dos Baby Book

It's A Boy!

A member of our family had twin boys.  My gift to her was to make two identical photo books to put the babies pictures into and display.  However, as I was going to start making the books, a thought came into my head.  Why not make a "Dos-A-Dos" book instead?  So, that is what I did.

Here is the front of the book or the back of the book depending on how you look at it or want it.

Here is the other side or back side, depending on your version.

This is how the book is put together.  
Both books are connect by sharing one back cover of the book.  The photo pages are made from sheet protectors and are all tied together at the spine.  The pages measure 4" X 6" and book is 5" X 7".

And there you have it.  One book made for two.  If she wants to carry the pictures with her, she does not have to haul around two separate books.

So, tell me what you think?