Thursday, July 28, 2016


Can you guess what these are?

These are envelopes made from magazines.

I made an envelope template, scanned it into my computer and used it to make these envelopes.  I can manipulate the template to  make the envelopes different sizes.

I stacked the pages in my printer and printed the template on each one.  Then I cut them out, folded them, glued them together and Viola!  I even added double-sided tape to the flap closure.

It was fun seeing where the images would land once printed on the magazine page.  I tried to use pages that had more pictures and less advertisements.  I think, so far, I have made about thirty of them.

Aren't these too cute?!?


  1. Deborah, will you actually use these for mailing?

  2. Hi Pat - I just now saw your comment. If you send me your email with your address I'll mail you one.