Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Envelope Journal

Note Journal

In the beginning of the month I posted a Sketch Journal inspired by Cat Hand.  
This journal was made with a 9" X 6" Manilla Envelope.  I used the same process as with the other journal, but this time I covered the outside of the envelope with text pages.  I had these Chili Pepper napkins and used those over the text pages.

I cut the bottom end of the the envelope before covering the inside and outside.  The inside is covered with red cardstock.  The note journal now has an open end pocket and the other pocket closes.

I used a pamphlet stitch to sew in the pages.

Here is the flap that folds over the book to close it.

Front and back of the book.  
The size of this book is a perfect size to fit inside your purse.

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