Saturday, May 30, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Journals and more...

Week 22

This week I made a simple little Sketch/Journal.  One side is for "Sketching or Drawing" and the other side is for Journaling. 

Papers for the outside and inside covers, chipboard or cardboard, glassine bags, extra large index cards.

The size of your covers will be determined by the size of your bags.  Cut your boards just slightly larger than your bags.  Cut your paper for your covers, about 1" larger all the way around than your boards and glue them to your covers.

Inside of Cover/Outside of Cover
To cover the inside of your covers, cut your paper slightly smaller and glue to the inside covers.  Now gather your covers and bags and bind.  Add your index cards.

Here is the book together with the Sketch side up.

Here is the book with the Journal side up.

I found this pen at Barnes and Noble, but it's also available on Amazon.  It's flat and sticks to your book perfectly.  Can be used for your journaling and/or sketching.

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