Friday, May 15, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Journals and more...

Traditional Book Binding

I took a Traditional Book Binding class at Piecemaker's, in Costa Mesa, CA with Mimi Halo.  We had different sizes of books to choose from, so for my book, I chose the Journal size.

In taking this class, I learned how to bind a book from start to finish; from sewing the signatures, to creating the book cover for my pages.  I also learned that you can add other elements, and embellishments when creating your cover.  You do NOT have to just cover it with just paper.  You can add other papers into the cover, and anything else that inspires you.  With mind, I added two additional papers as you can see on the left side.

We chose a picture, a title and subtitle for our book.  The title of my book is "Desert Streams: They Grow in the Rain".  Mimi, printed these out for us for one of our signatures. 

Although, this is handmade, it is still a real book!!

Back Cover
A view of the spine.

If you have a love for books as I do, and live in the area, I suggest you take a Book Binding Class with Mimi Halo at Piecemaker's.  You'll learn so much more along with Book Binding.

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