Friday, May 22, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Journals and more...

Week 21

A Needle "Book" is the post for this week.
Instead of paper pages in this book, we have fabric pages

Supplies: 1 felt square for cover and pockets, three different color felt scraps, fabric for inside pages, scrap batting, Perl cotton floss, ribbon, needles and needle threader.  Optional: alcohol swabs and bandaids.

Take the felt square for your cover and pockets and cut it in half (one half is for your book).  Take the other half and cut in half again (these are your pockets).

Cut three different colors of felt; one small, one medium and one large and batting to match your circles.  These will become your pincushion.

Take the felt half that is your book and fold in half.  Find the upper center of the book and pin the largest circle with the batting onto your front cover.   Stitch your circle down with the Perl cotton floss using a blanket stitch.  Repeat for the other two circles.

Take the other two pieces of felt and pin one to the front cover and the other one to the back cover.  Sew around three sides for each felt piece.  These are now the pockets for your book.  If you want to add ribbon add it before sewing your pockets.  Measure your book and cut your fabric the same size.  This will become your pages  Sew down the center of the fabric.

 Add your pins to the front page and your needle threader inside the front pocket.

In case of an emergency, add the alcohol swabs and bandaids inside the back pocket.
Now your ready to start sewing.

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