Sunday, March 1, 2015


Spent the whole day yesterday at the ARTbar creating and having fun.  

In the morning we warmed up with a Zentangle Tile. 
I decided to do mine on a paint chip, but to my dismay, it did not turn out quite like I would hope.  

Assunta, Dex, Eye-Wa, Tagh

Because of the slick surface of the paint chip, the ink kept smearing.  The paint chip did not grab the ink like regular Zentangle Tiles, making it difficult to fill in the dark areas.  I think, had I used a regular Zentangle Tile, it would have turned out better.

In the afternoon we created ZenDangles and Monograms.
This was so much fun to do, it was hard to know when to stop.

You can't see it, but I used metallic and glitter pens and pencils, and metallic paints to color my dangles, tangles and patterns.  I think no matter how many times you do one of these, no two would be alike.  I really enjoyed creating the Monogram.  Wasn't quite sure how a "D" would like, but I kind of like it.

This would be something fun to do while waiting at the doctors office. 

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  1. Love the dangles. They are so much fun to make and color.