Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Mandala Mondays

Seed of Life
The "Seed of Life", is also known as "Sacred Geometry" or "Flower of Life"

Last Monday I went to CharKat's Creative Insanity for Mandala Monday, where once a month we get together to create what?  Mandalas of course!

This month we used the "Seed of Life" as our inspiration in creating these unique Mandalas.  I was not going to color mine in, but when I saw Charlotte Carpentier's, I went for it and color mine in, using watercolor pencils.

By just deleting a few lines here and there or adding a few lines here and there, you can create different designs.  Here are a couple I did doing just that:


So, just by adding a line here or deleting a line there you can create a multitude of designs. 
Thank you Charlotte, these were so much fun!