Friday, May 26, 2017


My Letter Books

A friend from my Sewing Group gave us initial crystal letters she bought when she was in Germany.  

She said it was the custom on New Years, to give out chocolates in the shape of the persons initial.  We got crystal letters instead.
I knew as soon as I saw these I was going to make a book to put my initial on.

Here is my book.  It measures approximagely 6" X 4-1/2" (portrait).
This is what I used for the end papers.  I love the marble look of the paper.

One of the ladies in my sewing group liked my book, so I made her one too, using her initial.
Her book was made the same way, except it is 4" X 6" (landscape)

I really enjoyed making these books.  
 think they would make great guest books for weddings and such.

End Note:  I will be teaching a Basic Traditional Bookbinding class on June 21st from 9 am - 4:00 pm 
should anyone is interested.   You can either message me on facebook:  or leave me a comment below for more information.