Monday, January 30, 2017

Art Tiles

What are "Art Tiles"


An "Art Tile" is a tile with a painted pattern or image on top.  They can be any size, but usually are on the smaller side, creating miniature pieces of art. 

I happened upon Art Tiles over the holidays last year.  At some point these were all the rage. Where was I? While at home sick and nothing to do, but watch television, I started flicking through the many different videos on YouTube, when I stumbled upon a video on Art Tiles. Joggles has a great video on how to make "Art Tiles" They are fast, fun and easy.  I had lots of fun making these tiny pieces of art.

The tiles above are 1" X 1", but I also made some twinchies, which are 2" X 2".  As I said before, they can be any size.  Putting magnets on the back is one option you can do with them, or use them in your art journals.  What a cute little pendant they would make.

Here is a close-up of three of the inchies I made.  I have to warn you, they can be addictive.  Very little materials are needed to make these.  Some chip board or cereal box, a little bit of paint, your finger and some stamps. You can also use magazine images instead of stamps or text/music paper.  I used washi tape for the background of mine and used only three paint colors.  On some of them the stamp was too large, so I used only a portion of the stamp.

Well, I hope these little "Art Tiles" inspire you to create some of your own.


  1. What a wonderful idea. I will check out the You Tube video. I save cereal boxes for a journal thing I am doing, so have bits and pieces I can use. I love this idea.

  2. Beware! They can become addictive ;-)