Thursday, June 30, 2016


My Tesla Journal

I have been journaling in my Tesla Journal on and off for about a year now, and just wrote my last entry on Monday.  I am onto another journal now.  While writing in my journal I also did some artwork in it along with my journaling.  Sometimes it coincided with my writing and other times not. 
I must say though, I did enjoy this journal a lot!

When I cam to this page, the image was a large cog.  I saw it as our world.  I added some acrylic paint in the center to make it look like the seas and lands and added the houses and trees along the outside perimeter.  This reminded me of the song my Louis Armstrong.

Sometimes the artwork came before the journaling and other times the journaling came before the artwork.  In this case, the artwork came first.  I was trying to draw a Mehndi, but not sure if I succeeded or not.  In any case, I had fun drawing this.

This piece was inspired by a video I saw on portraits by Pam Carriker.
My first attempt at drawing a portrait.  Not too shabby.  I need to practice more, but following Pam's instructions made it so easy.

A fall leaf done with black ink and watercolors.  I am amazed at how well these pages held up to mixed media.

Last, but certainly not least, a "Journaling By 5s" page, inspired by Shannon Green.  This was so much fun.  Don't think about it, just do it!!  It takes you out of your comfort zone, but the rewards are worth it. 

These are just a few of the pages I did in my journal and I thoroughly enjoyed mixing the art with my journaling.  The pages in this journal were very good quality.  I would buy this book again and do it all over again.  
For now, though, I am onto another journal, which I am experimenting with.  
It has only been three days, but so far, so good.  

I like it!


  1. I am just infatuated with your Tesla journal! Where did you find such a beauty?

  2. I bought the book at Barns & Noble, but that was awhile back. You can still order it online.