Thursday, August 6, 2015

The ARTbar

Zentangle with Renaissance Tiles

Spent the morning at the ARTbar in Santa Ana, California.  
We spent the morning tangling on Renaissance Tiles.
Tangle Patterns: Knightsbridge, Purk, Bales & Indy-Rella
I like the look of the brown and black against each other.  
I like how the white highlights enhance the tangle patterns.  But wait!  There's more....

After we finished with the tile above, we had time to work on another.  This one was a fun to do.
We used the Zentangle pattern AKOYA to create the border.  Because the the pattern looked like sea foam to me, I added a Starfish in the center and outlined it with black pen and white pencil.  This one was the most fun!

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