Saturday, August 8, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Journals and more...

Week 32

I call this book "Graphics By the Sea", because it uses some of the Graphics scrapbook paper.
I have to be quite honest and say this book did NOT want to come together.  I had problems with it from the get go.  First with the cover.  The red strip on the left hand side, although I think looks good, was put on because I cut the cover for the book too short.

This book is made with five paper bags folded in half and a 5-hole Japanese stab binding holds all the pages together.

I made side pockets with the bottom flaps of the paper bag.  Here is the first page.

The graphics paper was double sided, so I could use either front or back.  It also had postcards, which I used to make additional pockets.  Some had lines, which I thought would be good to use for journaling.
However, this page I had to redo.  I once again cut the paper wrong.  When I went to pull it off after gluing it down, the bag tore.  I want you to know that I almost gave up and was going to trash the whole book.  But, then I thought, I'll just replace that bag, which I did and just redid that page only.

Some of the pages did not have flaps to make pockets, so I decorated those pages with the extra postcards.

Since these had lines, I used them for additional pockets and journaling.

More page pockets.
This postcard was suppose to be a pocket, but instead I glued the whole postcard down.  Luckily, I was able to pull it off before the glue dried.  I glued it back down with wax paper in the center and let it dry.  The wax paper kept the glue from sticking in the center and I was able to use it as a pocket after all.

Another page pocket.

If you notice on this page, the postcard is extra long and high on the page.  That's because I glued this postcard upside down.  When I went to carefully pull it off, the scrapbook paper underneath tore.  I did not want to have to take the book apart "again", so to solve that problem, I re-glued the postcard over the torn parts and added the saying at the bottom.

The back book cover is from the cardboard that is from the back of the paper pack I used. 
Nothing went to waste.

I must say this book almost got the better of me. 
I like the way it turned out, but I am sure glad I am done!!

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