Thursday, April 16, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Journals and more...

Medieval Book

Last Sunday, April 12th, I took a Book Binding class at Piecemakers with Mimi Halo.
With Mimi's help and guidance, we created this open spine Medieval Book.

Front Cover

To cover my book boards, I used Unryu Paper I painted with Twinkling H20s.  Some Mulberry Bark around the book, a branch from my grapevine and some decorative papers. A door knocker to enter and a spider for fun.

Back Cover
The back of the book was decorated as well.  A few pieces of decorated paper, and some feathers.  Might they be from a quill?  After all it is a Medieval Book...


The signatures and covers of the book were brought together with decorative stitching.

Inside Front Cover
Some of my signatures were wrapped with more decorative paper.  The inside cover has a free form pocket to add secret notes or letters.

Title of the book: "Story of a Soul.

Some of the inside pages.

I made a little booklet to go with my Medieval Book with the left over papers I had.

The booklet fits nicely into the pocket of the back cover.  A sweet little book for jotting down fond memories, or not, but mostly to keep and treasure for days to come.


  1. What a cool book. I'm not fond of the spider part, but the rest looks amazing. :)

  2. Had to add the spider. After all, it is Medieval...;-)