Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Alcohol Inks

Playing Around with Alcohol

This past weekend, I took a class at Piecemaker's Country Store in Costa Mesa, CA with Danna Phelan.

We were given a couple of piece of Yupo paper to practice on before we got started on our tiles.  Then we were set free to play and create to our hearts content.  These are regular tiles that you get at Home Depot.

Here are the first four tiles I created.   The flowers in the lower right hand corner was the first tile I made.  To me they look like little baby cabbages.  Next was the landscape in the upper right hand corner.  The forest in the lower left hand corner was next and last, but not least, the fuchsia flower in the upper left hand corner.

You have to understand, Alcohol Inks do not like to be controlled.  Creating with them is a hit and miss. They like to flow and go where "they" want, but with a little bit of coaxing, you can manage them into submission.

Here are some additional tiles we got to experiment and play with.  The two outer tiles were about 2" X 2" and smaller tiles were about 1" X 1".  The one on the right is a mini landscape the small 1" X 1" tile on the left is a mini, mini landscape.  I had fun experimenting and seeing how small I could go.  Pretty small I would say.

If you have never played around with Alcohol Inks, you are surely missing out.

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