Monday, July 27, 2015

52-Weeks of Book Binding, Journals and more...

Week 30
"Ladies By The Sea"

Here in sunny southern California the weather is hot, hot, hot!  Some of us are spending the hot days at the beach, swimming, sunning and trying to stay cool.  

In one of my posts, I show you how to make a coaster using "Ice Resin".  That picture gave me the idea, to make this book.  This picture is similar to the one I used to make the coaster, but this time around I used high gloss varnish over the picture instead of Ice Resin.

I printed out my pictures on Marker Paper.  I have to different kinds and I think I mixed the two because the pictures printed out differently.

I cut drawing paper to the size I wanted and printed ocean/sea images onto the paper.  Before I printed the pictures, I  lighten them so that they were faint.  I wanted the picture to blend in the background, so you could journal over them. 

I added extra drawing paper, cut down to size and added them to the book as well, so I could have some blank pages in the book.   I put the pictures in the order I wanted them to go in the book and then bound everything together.

Here is the book with everything bound together with a few of the pictures shown ...


... and of course the end of the whale for the end of the book.

I was going to bind the book using a Coptic Stitch, but I did not want to put holes in my covers, so I used the same method I used for the map book.

The dimensions of the book are 7-1/4" high by 6" wide.  A nice little book to take along in your beach bag to sketch and/or journal while spending a day at the beach.


  1. I like this idea for a travel journal. It would work for anywhere you are going and be a nice way to journal.

  2. If you wanted to personalize it, you could swap out the pictures.