Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Art Bar

Two Saturdays ago, I drove out to the Art Bar in Santa Ana for some Zentangle fun, and ended up staying for some Mixed Media fun as well.

In the morning we worked on some Zentangle Tiles, using black tiles with a white pen.  Here's one I particularly like called "Triamonds"

These are the same Tiles, just turned differently from each other.  You can see how the pattern changes to look like a completely different one, although they are the same Tiles. 

The second session was Mixed Media Graffiti.  We first worked on tags to get the idea of Mixed Media Graffiti for us beginners.  I really liked this method and really, really enjoyed the process.  My favorite of the three tags is the one on the right.  It has an earthy feel.

When we felt were comfortable with this process, we moved on to Canvas for our final project.
I think I liked working on the tags more, than on the canvas.  Either way it was lots of fun.

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